About Shellie
    My name is Shellie Ehlert and I have been in the cosmetology business for over 25 years.  I graduated from  to Hollywood Beauty College and attended Weber State University. My "throw-back-to-the-fifties" salon is located in my home, which makes for a very comfortable environment without feeling like an intrusion, as it has a separate entrance on the east side of my home.  My hope is that you will feel at home at Shellie's Salon and enjoy "Professional Styling and Old Fashioned Service."   Last year I was given an award by the Better Business Bureau for Outstanding Service.
    Shellie's Salon is a family haircare salon.  I love working with little children and I am very good at making them feel at ease.  I've given many "first haircuts," and each child receives a certificate and a little treat.  I enjoy the barbering aspect of my job and have a lot of experience at giving men and boys' haircuts.  I come from a family where I only had brothers and I have a husband, 5 sons (including 2 step sons) and 4 grandsons who are always needing haircuts.  I greatly enjoy working with teenage girls, with all of their energy and creativity.  I have two daughters and a step daughter who have provided me with a lot of practice.  Prom and Wedding updos and styles are one of my favorite things to do.  I've done many styles for wedding portraits and have a wide variety of style books from which to select styles.  Women, of course, are the bread a butter of my business and I sincerely love my clients.  I do everything from colors, foils and perms to  precission cuts & styles.   I have many clients who are Seniors who come weekly for their styles and it is a great pleasure to serve them.  I also do facial waxing and tweezing.  Many of my clients have been coming to me for many years and give me their trust in taking care of their family's hair care needs as well.  
    At Shellie's Salon, I put my customers first, and I am interested in working together to determine the best style for you!  I offer a free consultation and am happy to spend time discussing with you your needs.  I also try to work with your scheduling needs as best I can.
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